Patent CN105050848A - Low energy nuclear thermoelectric system - 低能核反应车有限公司

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Low energy nuclear thermoelectric system

CN105050848A 480x270.png
Patentnummer CN105050848A
Bezeichnung Low energy nuclear thermoelectric system
Anmelder 低能核反应车有限公司
Erfinder 尼古拉·肖万
Anmeldetag 14.02.2014
Veröffentlichungstag 11.11.2015
Erteilungstag 11.11.2015

A low energy nuclear thermoelectric system for a vehicle which provides a cost-effective and sustainable means of transportation for long operation range with zero emission using an onboard low energy nuclear reaction thermal generator. The present invention generally includes a thermal generator within a thermal enclosure case, an energy conversion system linked with the thermal generator, an energy storage system linked with the energy conversion system, a cooling system and a central control system. The thermal generator reacts nickel powder with hydrogen within a reactor chamber to produce heat. The heat is then transferred to the energy conversion system to be converted into electricity for storage in the energy storage system. The cooling system provides cooling for the various components of the present invention and the control system regulates its overall operation. The present invention may be utilized to power a vehicle in an efficient, sustainable and cost-effective manner.

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